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About Us

What We Do


We are the Information Technology Executive leadership hiring firm, sharing one goal: remodel people, reconstruct organizations and transform the world through our leadership hiring.

We know what great leaders can do, and we’re passionate about delivering the best leadership solutions to our clients. We’re proud of doing work that contributes to successful careers, stronger companies, diversified talents and a unified world. We invite you to experience new leadership possibilities and innovation.

Proliferation, Confluence, Succession:


The demands on leadership hiring wants companies more than a consultant: they want customized leadership solutions in true partnership with long-term results.

At ITBP Inc, we operate as one unified team, with expertise across Technology Industry. Our teams specialize in IT Executive and leadership search, executive assessment and development, team effectiveness, cultural, and organizational transformation. Our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride. 

We focus on the specific leadership needs of each company, which focus on building business transformation, cultural and gender diversity which in turn lead to the organizations expansion and growth.

Our purpose is to build trusted, long-term relationships with you and your organization. We have a common belief system that supports partnership in the truest sense and aligns our interests with yours.. 

Why Us?


We help you build a strong platform of senior executives with leadership potential by identifying, and assessing them on their development journey. We build a strong top team as we have access to the best external candidates,  which we assess them based on the robust and comprehensive search methodology.

Organizations require diverse corporate cultures. We at ITBP bring together individuals who share a common purpose but who have diverse outlooks and approaches.  

We help clients consider diverse talent, create strategic introduction programs, and build diverse candidate platforms.